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Players assemble verses into chapters, then into books. Each verse played carries its own rules!




The Scriptorians are an ancient order of spiritual seekers and scholars. They travel the world, and scour through records of times and places, ancient and modern. They assemble books from the verses they find and the chapters they gather: Strength, Wisdom, Faith, Life, Trials, and Histories. Come join this ancient group and uncover the pearls, gather the books, and receive the blessings! Master the Seeker's Quest!

Seeker's Quest is a new LDS card game with a fresh and exciting idea. Each card in your hand is a verse of scripture. Take those verses from your hand and play them onto the tabletop into chapters. Verses build into chapters, and chapters merge into Books. As you complete books, draw blessings until you're a winner!

In addition, most verses have special rules, or effects, that are based on the meaning of the scripture. These effects make those verses even more powerful in the game. Each one can change the course of the game a little. Combine this verse in your hand with that verse on the table, and you could just draw the winning blessing! Look for the “Pearl of Truth” verses for extra power!

After the game, trade verses from your collection. The more you can collect, the more you can combine into the strongest deck to play with your friends. Learn Strength, Faith, Wisdom, Histories, Life, and Trials to complete the Seeker's Quest!



I was especially excited when I learned about a unique LDS card game he's working on called, Seeker's Quest, which plays in the tradition of many of the favorite bestselling games such as Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Magic, but using scriptures as the major means of gameplay. So digging a little deeper, I had Mark give me a demonstration of the game.

I'm big on board games and card games, and while working at Deseret Book a number of years ago, I became quite familiar with the bestselling LDS games, but I have to say, Seeker's Quest has to be the funnest LDS game I've ever come across. One of my first thoughts after learning the details of gameplay was, “Now this is how LDS games should work.” Not only does it have the adventurous feel of the national bestsellers, but it actually gets the players learning, reviewing, and reciting the scriptures, and associating them with the power of faith, strength, wisdom, life, trials, and history (elements of the game). I have every reason to believe this game is going to get a lot of young people excited about the scriptures, which is a big deal.

I can't wait to tell people about this game.

Chas Hathaway: Author of "Scripture Study Made Awesome" and "Marriage Is Ordained of God but Who Came Up With Dating?"

The game was fun, and I liked the fact that the game was based off the scriptures. It was cool because my dad does not like card games much but he really liked this one.

Caden, Age 14

It was fairly easy to learn, therefore I enjoyed playing it with him. I think it will appeal to LDS youth between the ages of 10-14 who have a basic understanding of how contemporary card games are played (i.e. Yu-Gi-Oh). I also think it presents a nice alternative to these other card games who employ a battle/destruction theme. While still competitive, I liked seeing Seeker's Quest use a scriptural basis for its main content.

Ben White: Author of "10 Questions to Answer While Preparing For a Mission"

Seeker's Quest is a game that is very unique and very addicting. The way you play it makes you think of what moves to do next. Overall this game is amazing!

Jared, Age 16

Seekers Quest is an excellent strategy game accessible by a wide range of ages, especially youth. It gives players lots of options to pick and choose what they want to do. It's focused on the scriptures, but in no way is a "trivia" type game. It actually does a great job of encouraging players to know and understand scripture without making it seem trivial or something that's been pasted onto a known game. Knowing and understanding scriptures and how they can relate to one another is something that aids the player in their journey to connect scriptures, forming books.

The game has a long developmental history. I have followed some of the changes that have taken place in the game and know that it has made it's way to being an excellent game that provides fun and enjoyment, while also encouraging players to dive into scripture. I endorse Seeker's Quest without hesitation.

Mike Drysdale: Designer of "Hagoth: Builder of Ships" and "Whole Armor of God"

I was amazed with how my kids were actively participating and stayed that way for the entire game. As a parent I'm always looking for games that require strategy, and concentration, and this game has both of those qualities. I really enjoyed how it's truly any individual's game to win with all the different options available to the players.

All in all I enjoyed it and I can't wait to play it again.

Mike Gardner, parent


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  • Constantly changing games and cards combine!
  • Cool Scriptures!
  • 18 Cards, including 3 POWER verses


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