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Set course for Spitalmain!

A traditional board game about sailing a yacht and going to a barbecue...




To set the scene;

You been invited by your friends, Ronny and Josie, to a barbecue at the little beach on the Isle of Spitalmain. You have all sailed there from different places but there has been a bit of a misunderstanding — nobody has brought any food to cook! Fortunately, there are many small islands nearby with amazing little shops that sell a vast choice of really good provisions. You have a set amount of time in which to sail off, collect some of these provisions and return before the barbecue starts.

However there are things out there to slow your progress. You might get caught in a storm and find yourself swept off course. There may be a problem with your steering gear because of a collision with a whale or a crew member might fall overboard. Conversely, you might find that a fair wind speeds you along at a good rate of knots or a favourable ocean current does the same.

Once everyone has returned to Spitalmain, the yacht that has brought back the most provisions is the winner.

Set a timer to allow 15 minutes per person playing (2 players,30 minutes - 3 players, 45 minutes etc.) then, when the buzzer goes, each player has 5 turns in which to return to the start/finish area. There are penalties for taking more than the 5 turns... It can be played by one person who can then play again and try to beat their previous score or it can be played by as many people as you can fit around the table.

There are many twists and turns providing fun and laughter along the way.

The rules are really easy to read and understand so it's a very good family game.

You are very welcome to download the 'how to play', the timer explanation sheet and the score sheets right now for free to help you decide if this game is suitable for your needs. They are NOT included in the box so you will need them when you buy the game anyway.

You don’t need to know anything about yachts or sailing to play it.

Thank you for visiting my shop page and I do hope that you go on to buy and enjoy a copy of this game.

Best Wishes,

Norman the Northman.


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Publish Date September 27, 2020
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Why buy this?

  • Sail boats in a traditional British remote island setting.
  • Easy to learn. Quick to play - 20 minutes per person
  • Fun for adults and kids. Exciting things to see on the board

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