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A world where Queens of different shades share with each other & be daring + drinking!




Hey Queens! It's time to have fun! Get your wine, shots, whatever you desire & share stories, spread/give love, peace & positive vibes, playing She One!

Our cards are perfection! We've got 5 beautiful Queens in different shades & hairstyles bordered in Gold: Necia [Nee-Sha] in shade Vanilla, Taavi[Taw-vee] in shade Ginger & Shev in shade Nutmeg. Our last 2 Heavenly Queens are Unique in shade Cocoa & Vivi in shade Melanin Wild.

This game is pretty simple! You'd play just like Uno but instead of the regular consequences like the "draw 4, reverse, etc", there's a little switch up! Again, this game is 21+ so ladies get ready to commit to some interesting dares written in the form of a personal note by us.

We've got a wide variety of dares that are individual & group participaton. Some examples would be: Trying least-interesting drinks in the house, giving your fellow queens beauty tips, taking moments to manifest things you've always wanted, and reenacting each other!

Consequences: Skipping your turn, draw 2 cards, or DRINK

This is a strictly POSITIVE, non-competitive game! It's not about who's better than who. This is simply for great moments with the ones you know are in your corner!


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Publish Date June 17, 2022
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Why buy this?

  • Similar to Uno; Reverses replaced by fun, challenging dares!
  • Cards in 4 different shades, with matching queens on all!
  • Spread positive vibes & a great buzz with your main crew!

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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