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Singing Fish Pocket Tarot

Can be literaly a POCKET deck: Sit at a bus stop, read by shifting cards from one pocket to another.




Pictures of the cards .. {-Here-}
Help Sheet .. {-Here-}
A pocket-size Tarot deck expertly designed for fast small readings.

@: WHAT YOU GET :: .. .,. .. A PROFESSIONAL's innovative way to make a Pocket Tarot:: .. .,. .. Deck reduced by the traditional Majors & Aces method, .. .,. .. (Plus a theory-driven spice of a few Peculiar New Cards,) .. .,. .. Giving you a TRUE Tarot pack in only 30 cards! .. .,. .. Beautiful high-visibility black & white pictures, .. .:. .. An easy-palm square shape popular in Europe (that's a joke), .. .,. .. YOU ALSO GET:: 2 BIG pro-grade Crib and Layout Sheets on tough paper folded very very small, .. .,. .. All inside a tough little mud-colored bag you could hide in your shoe. .. .,. .. Reasonable price.

@: HOW THIS KIND OF STUFF WORKS: .. .,. .. Reading spread-out picture cards with martini spills and cigar ash scattered on them, .. That's the same work as putting together the clues of fast-paced detective movies by award-winning barking-mad writers (except here you always learn something new). .. .,. .. Friend, a DETAILED description of that MENTAL PROCESS, which you'll enjoy a lot when it goes well, .. & find is sometimes very serious going, .. .,. .. That teaching of the Human Divinatory Mental Process, is on the paper that comes folded with the cards. .. .,. .. And it's a Free Download on this page.-sr

The complete Alphabeticon Fortunetelling Tool is .. {-Here-}

@: For lots more about this deck:: Go there and browse, especially the Free Downloads. .. .. The downloads here, and the few papers included with the deck here, were chosen from those. .. .. These here seem most pertinent to the cards, but you'll probably enjoy info on the whole set too. .. .. For maximum reading pleasure definitely download "Game Play".

@: So, i made this Pocket-Size deck to be the central heart of a Notebook-Size Boxed Set, available separately. .. .. I'm not saying you're ripping the heart out of it or anything, .. This packaging here is just cheaper.

@> TAROT TECH NOTE ON STRUCTURE: .. Both the deck's physical size and its structure are condensed for speed. .. I condensed the structure in a way that's often used:: .. You keep 1/3 of them, the Major Arcana & Aces, .. Plus most people invent a few new cards to represent influences from the missing. .. .. Therefore ipso-facto:: The 4 Singng Fish which i invented were designed as part of the set's GAME PLAYING, and i'm guessing game playing influences might be good in your work. .. .. To understand:: Look at the backs of those 4 cards (blank,1,2,3); .. Find the fine print headed "Doing Story?"; .. If you feel your reading is telling a story, this tells you what part of the story is being discussed. .. Or: You can set these out and deal cards on them. .. Want More?:: Download "Game Instructions" & look for this subject.

@> TAROT TECH NOTE ON CARD BACKS: .. Most decks have the same image on the backs of all cards, mainly so you don't see what cards you're picking up. .. =>But then a beginner must divert their attention to printed crib sheets.<= .. .. With these, the unbordered black & white images blend together till you focus on them, and the small cards are largely hidden from you in your hand. .. At any time, just flip them over for a peek.

@> Print-At-Home AMAZING FEATURE FROM THE KIT!!:: .. .. .. =>Layout Boards<= .. (Symbolic ART PRINTS made for any kind of divining thru pictures).. Is your psychic sense strongly visual? .. Can you color print on lettersize paper? .. Try this classic Tarot option:: Download a Layout Board, IT'S PRINTED WITH INSTRUCTIONS. .. .. It's a Free Download over on the full kit's page.

@: It is a noble effort, the COMPLETE Alphabeticon Fortunetelling Tool in its peculiar small sturdy box. .. .. A complete Traveling Fortuneteller set-up perfect for shoving into the top of a backpack when fleeing hotels, .. .. Spreads out to exactly the size of 3 notebook pages, .. .. Perfect for a group reading party in a roadside restaurant booth, .. .. i'm not joking!

@=> LET ME START OVER=> .. Hello !!EVERYBODY!! ::: This is just the deck, and very little else, from the Alphabeticon Fortunetelling Tool. .. .. Try it without all that mythic nonsense & falderol.

@: All the 30 dice are cast aside, .. .. ALL of the Modern Art prints spurned, .. .. NO box liners to glue in, thank the Good Gds, .. .. All (Except 6) of the MYRIAD pages of instructions and historical fictions are just frogin Ripped Out, .. .. & Those 6 pages of =>Actual Usable Guidance<= that remain are printed front-back on just 3 papers folded very very small, .. .. & The mud-colored "Sandbank" parts bag has mostly washed away appropriately.



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Publish Date May 05, 2021
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Department Tarot and Oracles
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Why buy this?

  • Much cheaper than the complete Alphabeticon Tool.
  • Only 30 cards!! : Majors, Aces, 4 new ones to fix the beat.
  • Every card's Crib Sheet of meanings is right on its back!!


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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