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Wanna score? Wanna win? Fast? Better Skedaddle!

Ready for some interesting numeric-alphabetic combinations?

Welcome to the fast-paced world of Skedaddle, a game in which you have to race in your mind to come up with words with a certain number of letters that start with a particular letter. For instance, if a 4 and a D turn up, you have to come up with four-letter words that start with D—as many as five words.

Then, your team has 30 seconds to blurt out as many words as possible that fit the same numeric and alphabetic criteria while they try to guess your words. After both teams play, only the team with the most right guesses scores—and only the team that reaches ten points wins.

So if you want to win faster than you can think, you better Skedaddle!


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  • Letters!
  • Numbers!
  • Words!




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Publish Date October 26, 2017
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Department Board Games


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