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Sleepytown Singles Trading Cards

Your Last Chance Love Connection

*Attention: This is not a game. It is a humorous card set.*

Everyone knows that dating is hard. Sometimes it seems the world is full of nothing but freaks and geeks. Well, it just might be. But here at Sleepytown Singles, we don’t discriminate. We believe everyone has the right to find that special someone. That’s why for nearly ten years Sleepytown Singles has been the premier dating service in Davenport County. It offers folks from all walks of life- including those who might otherwise never be given a second look- the chance to find happiness at least once in their life.

If you’re tired of being lonely or fed up with the whole dating scene, then why not check out Sleepytown Singles for yourself. What do you have to lose?

Sleepytown Singles is a humorous 18 card set. It features 1 title card, 13 profile cards, 1 couple spotlight card and 3 pinup cards.

Designed, written and illustrated by Mark A. Randall. Copyright 2014.


Poker DeckPoker Deck (1 deck of 18 cards)
NOTE: This game does not come with packaging.



Action Shots



Cool Factors

  • Quirky characters!
  • Adult humor!
  • Cool illustrations!


Average Rating (1)
Publish DateApril 07, 2014
DepartmentSelf Improvement
SettingModern / Present
AudienceMature / Adult
More InfoSleepytown Singles Trading Cards web site

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