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You're travelling down the road, looking out your window, always on the lookout ... Suddenly your brother shouts out SLUGBUG! and punches you in the arm. Once again you have come up short. That is, until now...

In this re-imagining of the classic road trip game, players compete to collect the most slugbugs by being the first to spot them. Distract your friends with the World's Fourth Biggest Roll of Toilet Paper or play the Backseat Squabble to steal their slugbugs. If you can pass the DUI checkpoint or sing your favorite travelling song you can earn free slugbugs. But watch out for the 8 Car Pile-up, you may lose some slugbugs as you sort out that mess!

For those who can't get enough of playing Slugbug in the car, now you can play it anytime. The game is quick, easy to learn, and plays in about half an hour. It will appeal to all ages and provide hours of family entertainment.


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Publish Date June 17, 2012
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Department Games
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  • Fast and easy to play!
  • Great for kids of all ages!
  • Fun for the whole family!

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