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Sneeze: fast-paced, family-friendly card game of infecting or be infected.





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About Sneeze

Sneeze is all about staying as healthy as possible while making sure that you're not too healthy and that everyone else has more infections than you. Be infected and infect others.

It's not good enough to simply get rid of all your germs. Players have to strategically infect themselves and cure themselves and others to win.

Don't forget to sneeze when you pass your germs… "Achoo!"


Sneeze is a simple card game in which everyone is trying to make everyone else sick while trying to stay healthy. On your turn, you take a card from the draw pile and you play a card. If you play an infection, you either infect yourself or someone else. If it's a cure card, you either remove an infection from yourself or from everyone at the table.

Your Objective: Be the last player who is not "too sick to win." You're too sick to win if you have more than five different colored Infection cards in front of you.


The rules to Sneeze are simple: deal everyone cards and then, on your turn, draw a card and then play a card from your hand.

Most of the cards are Infection cards. There are ten different kinds of infections in eight different strains (i.e., colors). siVZpzF.png

If you play an infection card, you must either infect yourself or infect someone else.

You must infect yourself first if you do not have an infection that either matches the suit or the color in front of you.

For example, in the following hand, you have two infections (black and red of Anthrax and Tuberculosis, respectively. In your hand, you do not have a card that matches either of those (by color or type). In the example below, you play the Yellow Listeria: 5AhusqB.png

Now, on your next turn, you can now infect other players. Since your hand has the "Blue Listeria" which has the same suit as the "Yellow Listeria" you can SNEEZE this card to another player who does not have a Yellow Infection already. You could also SNEEZE the "Yellow Meningococcus" since it matches the color of the "Yellow Listeria" to another player who doesn't already have a Yellow Infection. eEjHZ3h.png


There are two ways to help stay healthy in Sneeze: Antibody cards and Medicine Cards. If you play an Antibody card, you remove an Infection of the same color from your infections. For instance, playing the "Red Antibody" removes the "Red Tuberculosis" from your infections. Just discard both cards. qHU2lOb.png

In addition, there are a handful of "Medicine" cards. These work just like Antibody Cards, but they cure everyone at the table. For example, if another player played the "Black Medicine" card, then you can remove the Black Anthrax from your infections. eqnzQeE.png

The game ends when every player, but one, has five different colored infections in front of them.


Gamer's Remorse judged the "Player Elimination" contest. The purpose of the contest was to do "player elimination" better. In Sneeze, players are never "out." They just become too sick to win. They continue to infect themselves and other players.

Watch Gamer's Remorse's review of Sneeze. Note that the art and some of the game play mechanisms have been improved since this early contest version.


If you have Table Top Simulator, you can play the game now. I have created a version of Sneeze that you can play today! Check it out Steam Workshop :: Sneeze - The card game



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Publish Date March 28, 2015
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  • Easy to learn card game with bright, happy cards
  • Educational game that you can take and play anywhere
  • Real disease-causing infections and real science

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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