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Tactical Space Combat Card Game




*** 23-Dec-2012 - New 3rd Edition! ***
Improved gameplay flow, starship combat and fully bound rules booklet


In the 24th Century mankind has finally spread out amongst the stars and joined his place alongside the other great races of the galaxy. Galactic relations however are not always peaceful as tensions over colonies, trade routes and border conflicts erupt into full scale war...

You are in command of a powerful fleet of warships and it is your responsibility to drive back the enemy forces and secure victory for your empire.

SPACE FLEET ALPHA is a stand-alone non-customizable strategy card game where the aim is to be the last man standing. Utilize powerful technologies, energy shields, thermonuclear warheads, espionage, diplomacy and cunning to fight, ally, blackmail and double cross your way to the top!

Only the strong survive...


What people are saying about SPACE FLEET ALPHA:

"Fun and always left me feeling satisfied... I am eager to get it to the table again, and again, and again."
"Excellent artwork on the cards and minimal icon usage makes this card game not only easy to look at, but also easy to play"
"Space Fleet Alpha was an excellent choice for starting the game night off and ending it…with a nova bang."


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Average Rating 6 reviews
Publish Date December 17, 2011
Edition Third
Department Games
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More Info SPACE FLEET ALPHA web site

Why buy this?

Space Fleet Alpha was a big surprise for me... the game felt like a tactical battle in space… deeper than expected and much, much more rewarding

  • Strategy card game in a unique Sci-Fi universe
  • Enjoy dynamic social play with alliances and diplomacy
  • Easy to pick up and fast paced. Ready to play in minutes


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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