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Space Lab 2199

A Sci Fi Auction Game
The Intergalactic Science Community has many jobs, so few labs, thus they are paying for research from business minded individuals. Your task is to prepare for the incoming scientific equipment by purchasing appropriate labs and collecting income from the research. Be warned, however, equipment they send that cannot be used in a lab not only takes up precious living space, but they’ll actually charge you rent on it. Build, Bid, and Complete the best research to claim your fortunes from the I.S.C.

Space Lab 2199AD is a fairly simple auction game that plays fast but offers a variety of deep decisions. Do you go for the Transport Ship with has all the right resources but a victory condition that you're not tooled for? Do you add more equipment, not knowing if you'll have the space for it yet? How much money are you willing to spend just to get your first pick of the Transport Ships?

Playing between 3-6 in about 30 minutes, this makes both a great start to a game night or a lunchtime event.




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Publish Date August 28, 2014
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Why buy this?

  • Colorful art.
  • Tons of Components.
  • Protospiel Tested, Gamer Approved


  • This game contains laser cut components. Laser cut items will have a slight amount of soot around the edges, which can easily be wiped off; and will have a campfire smell for about a week after you open them.


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