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Speedy-Krate Haulage Co.

A traditional board game about driving a lorry to make deliveries in the British countryside.




Do you like lorries and driving?

Here’s something for you.

You are a lorry driver working for the Speedy–Krate Haulage Co. based at the lorry depot at Upper Snotting. The owner of the company, Algernon P. Speedy-Krate, has in place a ‘Star Employee’ scheme that sees the driver who delivers the most consignments in a day getting a prize. Last week, it was a BIG bucket of mint choc chip ice cream.

Competition is fierce.

You have a set number of turns in which to do the deliveries but, unfortunately, there are lots of things that may get in your way of doing them. You may have an engine problem or a closed road ahead means taking a big diversion. There might be a policeman that requires you to turn back but, then again, you might be unloaded by a forklift quicker than expected or find a shorter lorry route.

Once everyone has returned to the lorry depot, the driver that has delivered the most goods is the winner.

A 40 turn game takes only about 20 minutes per person to play so, unlike some other well known board games, it's not long and tedious. It can be played by one person who can then play again and try to beat their previous score or it can be played by as many people as you can fit around the table. Reduce the number of turns to 30 for an even quicker game.

You don’t need to know anything about lorries or how to drive to play it.

The rules are really easy to read and understand by young and old alike. It's a very good family game.

You are very welcome to download the 'how to play' and the score sheets right now for free to help you decide if this game is suitable for your needs. They are NOT included in the box so you will need them when you buy the game anyway.

Thank you for visiting my shop page and I do hope that you go on to buy and enjoy a copy of this game.

Best wishes,

Norman the Northman


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Publish Date September 27, 2020
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Why buy this?

  • Driving a lorry in a traditional British countryside scene
  • Easy to learn. Quick to play - 20 minutes per person
  • Fun for adults and kids. Exciting things to see on the board

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