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PJay_BabyAngel_Frith is creating the StarArena, A Cyber-Combat Card and Boardgame, For All Rages!




StarArena_The Card Game is an Outrageous & Gratuitous Web-Published Cyber-War Collectable-Card-Game (CCG) featuring #GodsViciousBabies!

The Card Game is a collection of random War-Stories converted to Battle-Cards that take place in the StarArena_MetaVerse. You are required to build an Attack-Stack (Game-Deck a/o Data-Base) with the prime-directive to 'Destroy' all other opponents Data-Bases!

Boot-Camp is an 'Introductory-Deck' that has been used for Test-Games, to get a taste of what is to come. This Pre-Release is for Gamers who prefer to hold High-Quality cards in their hands.

The 'Only' really important thing you need to know before building an Attack-Stack is:

There are 2 Types of General-Cards: Hardware-Cards & Software-Cards!

Hardware are your Hero-Cards and have: Dual-Hard-Drives and signify your Download-Capacity & Battle-Values. (Blow through these in Card-Battle and you suffer Defeat!

Software are your Battle-Options and have: A Download-Cost, Free-Space needed to Activate SW a/o APP. (These Battle-Cards Make-Or-Break your chances of Victory!

A Deck may contain a maximum of 64 cards and no-less than 8 game cards.

For the nitty-gritty on Card-Battle-Rules read: ROE, Rules-Of-Engagement.Check-Out the link below and Build Yourself a Bad-Ass Data-Base.

*And Become A Man Amongst Babies! * Just Don't Tell Your Mom?


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Publish Date March 19, 2021
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Why buy this?

  • This Game Has 'Extreme-Expansion-Sets' In-Store For You!!
  • The Boot-Camp is an 'Introductory-Deck' for Test-Gamers!!
  • If you prefer Holding 'High-Quality' Cards in your Hands!?


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