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Stone Riley's Spirit Hill Tarot

An easy reading deck by a master of Modern painting




A Modern Art deck by a Tarot Master, who is a master of Modern painting too, finally now available beyond the few rare copies handmade in the artist's studio.

The first two chapters from the companion book "Documents For The Reader" are packaged with the deck for instruction and inspiration.

How is the Spirit Hill deck different from all other Tarot decks?
The unparalleled beauty of the art work,
therefore its ease of interpretation;
Its psychic depth and resonance,
therefore its adaptability to a multiplicity of philosophical and spiritual paths,
and its usefulness to the novice reader, the Tarot master and the spiritual seeker;
Its visual originality and innovation,
on a firm grounding in the classic Tarot structure;
The intriguing real art story of how the paintings were created
on a magic hilltop in the forest mountains.

Modern art has become by now our worldwide culture's universal visual language. Here it's used as such a language should be used: to illuminate one of the worldwide culture's greatest books. For Tarot is such a book undoubtedly: Begun when our ancient Western culture was beginning and retold among us ever since, Tarot is a timeless telling of all human stories of all lives and souls.

And for exactly those reasons, and for its deep beauty too, the Spirit Hill is a very practical and useful Tarot deck. Any counselor, professional or amateur, who is alive in this world today might find it fits their eyes and suits their liking greatly.

The cards were taken from Riley's astonishing array of paintings made between 2000 and 2002 on a magic hilltop in the forest mountains of New England. A scrap of poetry was assigned by the artist to jog the reader's understanding, and then it was all digitally edited onto the cards, by the artist too.

And furthermore, this is meant to be political art. The whole body of Riley's Tarot work - the fifty years of counseling and teaching in addition to his two opposite Tarot decks (opposite across the cosmos of possible styles) and his other divination tools as well - has been meant to help return an enormous power to The People that was robbed from them in the hyper-materialist Age Of Pisces that is now passing by. So yes, this is political art.

The two documents that come with the deck are the first two chapters from the excellent and unique companion book "Documents For The Reader". There is a link to buy the paperback book below, our you can download other excerpts below for free.

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Publish Date December 13, 2014
Edition 2nd
Department Tarot and Oracles
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More Info Stone Riley's Spirit Hill Tarot web site

Why buy this?

  • Powerful beauty.
  • Easy working deck by expert with half a century experience
  • Thrilling instructions:


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