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STOOPID The card game

"STOOPID!" The Glorious absence of common sense!"




"STOOPID" The Glorious absence of common sense! "What is STOOPID The Card Game?" "STOOPID is the glorious absence of common sense." In STOOPID! you the player(Land Lord) use(BURN) your common sense to play an array of cards that you draw from your deck and play from your hand. These cards have all kinds of effects that cause damage or hinder the other Land Lords and their neighbors in many hilarious ways. You can call on your neighbors to come fight at your side or play many cool and funny cards to hinder and damage the other landlords and their neighbors. There are 5 card types in the STOOPID each one does something different. -Accidents -Happenings -Neighbors -Skirmish -Things. The goal of STOOPID! is to use your cards to knock the other Land Lord(s) health down to zero and out of the game

NOTE: Each player must have thier own deck to play.


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Publish Date April 24, 2015
Edition Core Deck (Second Edition)
Department Games
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  • Ever wanted to hit someone with a cast iron frying pan?
  • Hours of family friendly fun!
  • Customize your decks with Brain Dead expansion and beyond.

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