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Story Crafter

What's Your Story?




Everyone has a story to tell . . . its only a matter of whose story is the best.

In this competitive storytelling game, you can challenge your friends’ creative powers in head-to-head competitions or challenge yourself to get your own creative juices flowing!

Bring Story Crafter with you camping for amazing campfire tales, or take it in the car to make those long trips fly by.

Laugh; Challenge; Create!

First Edition: Prototype

Second Edition:
• Changed font to improve readability
• Increased the number of Genre cards
• Increased the number of Junk Drawer cards
• Improved the point value ratio of the Junk Drawer cards included in each box
• Replaced Question cards with Story Starter cards and decreased the number slightly to allow room for more of the other card types and more complete directions
• Included a booklet of more complete directions including a description of each Genre card included in the set.


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Publish Date June 05, 2015
Edition Second
Department Games
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Why buy this?

  • Improve your storytelling!
  • Create hilarity with your friends!
  • Great ice breaker at parties!

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