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Strange Wonders Tarot

The next generation of Tarot decks!
This Tarot Deck has a darker theme. The main suits are Swords, Cups, Rods, and Disks. Each suit has its own style, color, and feel to them. The main theme of the cards is creepy doll heads and leans more towards the darker occult. I wanted to make a Tarot deck with a theme that was never used before, so I came up with a dark, sinister, and creepy theme. There are 78 cards total. The suits only use the heads, while the Major Arcana uses the whole body of the dolls.


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Why buy this?

I LIKE it. I’m not normally big on horror dolls, nor am I a real Chucky fan. But the instant that I touched this deck, I could feel it, it has psychic weight, “it works,” I whispered to myself.

  • Creepy dolls theme.
  • Eye-catching original and unique artwork.
  • Mix of magick and horror.




Average Rating 2 reviews
Publish Date August 24, 2014
Edition First
Department Tarot and Oracles
Genre Horror
Theme Magic
Setting Dark Ages
Audience Mature / Adult
Primary Mechanic Deck Building

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