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Roll and write your way to a state-of-the-art transit network.




It's finally out. A mid-major city has put a request for proposal out on the street to bring a state-of-the-art streetcar system to their neighborhoods. They are looking for the best layout that attempts to connect their main attractions in Academics, Commerce and Entertainment. See what routes the city is requesting and share some of that info with the other teams of engineers so they know what to incorporate as well. The team that develops the most complete network will win the contract.

Streetcars is a roll and write game for 1-4 players. The game lasts 5-8 rounds depending on the player count. Each player takes a dry-erase board and a marker and writes 3 A's, 3 C's and 2 E's on their grid making sure that none of the letters share a row or column with another. Then the players take turns rolling six dice. They choose to keep five and the rest of the players must use the sixth. The dice show symbols for straight track, curved track, turnouts, diamonds, stops and a wildcard which can be any of the other symbols. The player rolling may draw as many or few of the results on their board, the other players must draw the symbol from the sixth die on their board. Play passes to the left.

After the last round is played, players total up their scores. Scores are based on squares with no open ends, squares in completed loops, open connections, stops at the key sites and loops connecting the same type of keys sites. The highest score is the winner and that team wins the contract with the city.

Play-through Video

(errata note - My brain decided to count wrong in the video. The Grid is 8x8 and not 9x9.)


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Publish Date March 25, 2019
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Why buy this?

  • Build your very own streetcar network.
  • Dry erase boards for repeated plays.
  • Easy to pick up and play.


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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