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Ever bought a used car? In Sucker you get to be on the other side of that transaction. Use all the lures and hooks you can to turn that prospect into a buyer and move that inventory. Sucker is a fast paced family oriented game that starts with an exciting auction, and continues as you try to sell more cars than your competitors.

During the auction phase, each player tries to get the most inventory from the used car auction. Then the players choose their sales strategies, everything from free trips to low down dirty tricks are at your disposal. And finally you use those strategies to steal customers from your opponents and make the deal. The one who can move the most inventory wins the game.

This game gets really intense when you have 5-8 players. It is fully playable with only 3 players, but when you have 5 or more, the auctions become really intense, and that's when you can start seeing some real wheeling and dealing heat up.

FatherGeek gives an enthusiastic recommendation for Sucker: Sucker Game Review []


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Average Rating 2 reviews
Publish Date February 21, 2012
Edition Second
Department Games
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Why buy this?

This is a wonderful auction game that requires a good deal of thinking and risk management without feeling overly complex or heavy. All is fair in love and car sales.

  • "This is a wonderful auction game." ~
  • What's not fun about used car salesmen?
  • Use all kinds of wacky tactics to make the sale.

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