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Super 8-Bit Tarot

Super 8-Bit Tarot is a complete Rider-Waite deck rendered in retro pixel art style!
The Super 8-Bit Tarot is a standard 78-card tarot deck based on the classic designs of the Rider-Waite deck, but with a classic arcade pixel art treatment. Each card was designed by Indigo Kelleigh at the resolution of 88x152 pixels using only the colors in the default 8-bit Mac OS color palette.

Previously printed at business-card scale and released as a series of small press card packs, and eventually as a limited-edition art-object deck, the Super 8-Bit Tarot is a full-size presentation of the deck.

Includes a sheet of descriptions for each card, and a pixel-art map to help you navigate the 10-card Celtic Cross spread.


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Why buy this?

Four Stars! The characters on the cards are rounded and cartoony, the colors bright, the art fully pixellated, and the images drawn directly using the Rider-Waite as a guide.

  • Fun, colorful pixel art.
  • Full-size tarot deck, great for readings!
  • Based on traditional Rider-Waite deck, all symbolism intact.




Average Rating 8 reviews
Publish Date May 16, 2014
Edition Second
Department Tarot and Oracles
Genre Popular Culture
Theme Magic
Setting Modern / Present
Audience Party
Primary Mechanic Storytelling
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