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Super Mini Adventure

A Competitive Card Game to Slayer Monsters and Mess with Other Players! In Cute Pixel Art!





In Super Mini Adventure, players lead parties of powerful heroes and delve deep into the dungeons to slay foul monsters, all in the name of honor, glory, and shinning loot! But wait! For the biggest danger comes not from the monsters, but your fellow adventures! Watch out for their back-stabs and sabotages, as everyone frantically competes to slay the monsters and claim the prizes. Let the slaying begin!

-- Overview of the Game -- The goal of the game is to earn Coins by defeating Monsters. Players do this by forming up to two adventuring parties of Heroes, assigning 1 Champion and 1 Companion role to each. Players then attempt to defeat the monsters by matching up to their stats (STR, MAG, and DEX), all the while playing different Hero cards and utilizing abilities to block other players from making the kill. At the end, when all the Monsters are defeated, the most courageous (and cunning) player with the most Coins wins.


Super Mini Adventure is a Take That! style card game. Players play out combinations of different Hero cards to defeat monsters, while utilizing the different abilities on those cards to gain the upper hand. Construct combos and chain abilities, to set yourself up not only for the kill, but also to block and prevent your opponent from doing the same. Simple to learn, but with deep layers of strategies that will have you coming back for more!

  • Easy to set up. Only two decks and handing out some cards. All can be done within a minute!

  • Easy to learn. While the rule book is long (to cover some of the details), the game is very intuitive. Once one gets a handle on the first game, the rest are easy to follow.

  • Easy to Carry. With only 36 cards, they are light and portable.

  • Adjustable play time. Go for a quickie, or set up for a longer challenge.

  • Challenging game play. While the rules are simple, the strategies are not. You must optimize your hand, and use the many, many, MANY different combinations of abilities to not only score, but prevent others from scoring too.

  • Retro pixel art style! The theme is full of NES generation RPG. Cute Block Chibies!

  • Co-Op and many other game modes!

  • Possible future expansion!

  • For limited time, discount price!

  • Special collector's card in each box! Randomly inserted, four to collect.

  • Downloadable rule book and player mat.

  • Thank you for your support!

NOTE: The game only come with a micro game rule card. It is best use only as reference. For the extend detail rule with more example and visual, please download the PDF from below. Thank you.


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Publish Date September 01, 2014
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Why buy this?

  • Full of exciting "Take That" moments!
  • Retro Pixel Arts! Feel of a 8-Bit RPG Game
  • Easy to set up and to take with you anywhere!


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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