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Tales of Arthur: Crowning of Arthur Quest Pack logo
Tales of Arthur: Crowning of Arthur Quest Pack logo

Tales of Arthur: Crowning of Arthur Quest Pack

Contains cards for the first Quest in the Tales of Arthur game, includes fun starter deck.




Game Play

The Tales of Arthur is a collectible card game that features tales from the legends of King Arthur, Queen Guenevere, Merlin, and the Knights of the Round Table. Tale cards are played by collecting and playing all the required components of each Tale, such as characters, items, and creatures. These component cards also have game effects. Each deck is comprised of a Quest, which includes the Quest card, the Tale cards in that Quest, and each of the component cards of the Tales. In addition to the 30 cards from the Quest, 30 other cards are selected by each player to add to their deck. There are two ways to win the game: 1) having in play the Quest card and all the Tales listed on that card or 2) having the most card points in play area when any player's draw deck is exhausted.

Shared Deck Option

In addition to the game format of each player having an Individual Deck, Tales of Arthur also features a Shared Deck option, in which players share the play deck. In this option, typically two Quest decks are combined and supplemented with an equal number of other cards, with the same win conditions applying. Rules are also provided for a varient in which players can play on teams. Tales of Arthur is ideal for two to four players, although it is possible to play with more.

In the "Crowning Block" there are six Quests that begin from when Arthur becomes King through early Quests by Knights of the Round Table.

Crowning Block Quest Packs

  1. Crowning of Arthur

  2. Knight with Two Swords

  3. Quests of the Round Table

  4. War with the Five Kings

  5. Betrayal of Morgan le Fay

  6. The Three Damsels

Pack Description

The Crowning of Arthur Quest Pack is the first Quest in the Crowning Block and features Tales of Arthur's birth and the early years of reign. The additional cards in the pack focus on the playing of Tales, and the pack contains enough cards to construct a playable and competitive 60 card deck. This pack also contains rules cards and a selection of bonus cards. A full set of rules can also be downloaded upon purchase of the Quest Pack. Construction of alternative decks can be done by purchase of Tales of Arthur: Crowning Block Booster Packs, which contain a selection of common, uncommon, and rare cards for deck construction.

Copyright: THAT GAME Studios; All artwork generated by developers using open source AI.


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Publish Date December 14, 2022
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Why buy this?

  • Collect cards in hand and play cards to fulfill Tales
  • Can be played either with individual or shared decks
  • Quick to learn


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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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