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Temple of the Dice Gods

A co-operative combat exploration game for 1-6 players.









Denizens of darkness, the dwellers of the temple


The flesh family, one type of monster you may find in The Temple of the Dice Gods, is abnormally sturdy. Their thick skin and thicker bones make them quite resistant to being bludgeoned. Because of this innate natural toughness and a predisposition to machismo, the flesh family tend not to wear armor, leaving their exposed flesh vulnerable to the slash of blades.


Members of the scale family are protected by a suit of natural armor. Blades have difficulty hacking into these hard, overlapping scales which makes this family quite resistant to the slash of a sword. The best method to get under the scales of this family is to puncture through their defenses with a well placed arrow.


Members of the bone family are the animated dead. Using the vile art of necromancy, powerful spellcasters imbue the bones of long dead heroes with the power to fight without muscle or flesh. Bound by magic and without vital organs to puncture, piercing weapons tend to pass straight through the risen dead. Bludgeoning weapons are the key to destroying any undead menace, as their brittle bones are sure to crumble to dust beneath the weight of a trusty mace.


The Diekin family are an ancient race of beings, thought to be the architects of the Temple of the Dice Gods. They are mimicked by the dice they influence and their hideous cubed forms deny all rational thought, for their often exposed flesh can not be slashed, bludgeoned or pierced. No, only a weapon forged from the mythic remains of their ancestors can truly harm one of these monsters. If you ever find yourself in a room with one of these beasts you had better pray it was after you found one of these lost relics.




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Publish Date August 25, 2019
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Why buy this?

  • Replayable, difficult, and well balanced.
  • A co-operative game with 12 unique, playable heroes.
  • Intense press your luck combat mechanics.

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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