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3 Little Pigs Roll and Write




The 3 little pigs have ventured out west to create farms of their own, but the Big Bad Wolf has thrown two of them in jail! You’ll have to cleverly use your die then dice to move around the action rondel to save your fellow piggies from jail, help the Storybook friends escape, and build up the best hideout you can.

Players will each need 3 dice in one color per player to play. The Big Bad Wolf Sheriff will also need 1 die. The rest of the game: player sheets, rondel action sheet, and standees will be included in the printable material.

Each turn you move one of the stacks of dice you have on the rondel, a stack of dice might be only one die or up to 3 dice. After moving, you will completed the action on that space related to the die value. Then reroll the die and move it to the bottom of the dice stack.

Gaining materials is the key to building up your Hideout and Barn. In order to build a column for either, you have to make sure the next item you are placing can be legally placed. Bricks can only be placed on Bricks, Sticks can be placed on Bricks and Sticks, and Straw can be placed on Bricks, Sticks, and Straw. Gold is treated as any material you want them to be.

Building up your barn allows you to bring in animals: Unicorns, Cows, and Llamas! If you have two of a type, then they can have a baby if there is a stall for that baby to live in, one per round.

Get clever as you build up your farm and try to avoid the Big Bad Sheriff Wolf who is coming fast around that rondel each turn you'll know how far he'll move. If you only have one stack of dice where the Wolf lands then you're safe, but if you've spread out around the rondel to maximize your action potential, the Big Bad Sheriff Wolf will arrest Pigs he lands on!

Learn to play here with the text version of the rules: Rules

This project has been a long time coming for me. I feel like these 3 pigs stacked and wrapped in their poncho have been waiting for just the right time to spring into action and it's finally happening! Here they are! The 3 little pigs are ready to take on the Wild West with your help!!


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Publish Date May 11, 2023
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  • Farming
  • Big Bad Wolf
  • Wild West

Benny Sperling

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  • This game does not come in a box.


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