The Beekeeper's Year

Become the wealthiest beekeeper through collecting and selling honey!


Welcome to the wonderful world of beekeeping! The Beekeeper’s Year is a family-fun board game based on the real activities of a beekeeper. The goal of the game is to become the wealthiest beekeeper by moving around the board collecting honey and turning it into cold hard cash! Players pass through all four seasons and may experience events that could benefit the player, or be a total loss! The Beekeeper’s Year is educational as players can learn about honeybees and beekeeping management while playing the game. The game includes enough pieces up to four players but with the purchase of additional game components, more family and friends can join in on the fun! Players can also decide how many rounds to play. The official rules state three, but you can play as many rounds as you’d like, making the game long-lasting with lots of replay value.


Players start by rolling a die and moving their pawn the number of spaces indicated by the die. According to the space your pawn reaches, you may be entitled to collect honey or money, or draw an Event card. Events are based on actual beekeeping occurrences such as swarming, weather conditions, pests and disease, and legal issues. When a player passes over HARVEST, he or she turns their collected honey crystals into cash. However, just like reality, honey prices fluctuate and the value of honey may be different during each round. The player with the most cash after three rounds is declared the winner!

Honey production involves farming bees for pollination and comes with a sweet reward of golden liquid. It can be a fascinating hobby and at the same time a rewarding profit. The question is, how rich will you become?




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Cool Factors

  • Based on real beekeeping occurrences and activities!
  • Pass through all four seasons!
  • Designed by an actual beekeeper!


DesignerAndrew Markey
Average Rating (5)
Publish DateMay 13, 2016
DepartmentDice Games
Primary MechanicDice Rolling
If You LikeMonopoly
More InfoThe Beekeeper's Year web site

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