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The Crystal Wind Oracle

Featuring the fantasy artwork of Lisa Iris, this full color deck is absolutely stunning!





Antonio DeLiberato's

The Crystal Wind Oracle™

The Crystal Wind Oracle

The Crystal Wind Myth & Magic Oracle™ Card Deck!

New card layouts and designs! All messages on cards have been re-channeled and re-written where applicable for greater clarification or added information.

58 cards to guide you on your earthwalk journey!

We received thousands of 5 star reviews on our Mobile App about the accuracy and uncanny ability for these cards to zone in and provide answers.

NOTE: Many times the cards you draw with this deck may not directly answer the question you are asking. Your higher self will show you a card or cards that you need that could be totally unrelated to your question. You don't have to even ask a question and let your higher self intuitively draw the card or cards that will have the message that you may need at that given moment.

New Art! New Cards! New Intuitive Higher-Self Insight! 58 cards to guide you on your earth walk journey.

We received thousands of 5 star reviews on our Mobile App about the accuracy and uncanny ability for these cards to zone in and provide answers.

The Crystal Wind Oracle™ is a means to observe your mind and reflect on your heart. Its messages and imagery encourages you to access your inner wisdom.' The Crystal Wind Oracle brings clarity and purpose to your journey by reaching into your soul and asking you to find the answers within. These cards will activate your intuitive capabilities, guiding you to feel, listen and live from your heart. As a tool for your journey, The Crystal Wind Oracle™ provides the signs and guideposts along the way. The insights will flow from you. What you think, you create! What you feel, you manifest!


When using The Crystal Wind Oracle™, seek a quiet place and take at least one minute to calm and clear your mind. Ask the question from your heart and select a card. Your card will provide an uncanny insight as to what needs your attention, even if it doesn't answer your question directly. Quiet your mind and your heart will follow. The Crystal Wind Oracle™ leads you to answers that will resonate from within.

Copyright © 2012 - 2022 by Antonio DeLiberato, Crystal Wind™ All rights reserved.
All Lisa Iris artwork is protected by copyright.

Any reproduction or use of Lisa Iris artwork or the Crystal Wind Oracle™ for other purposes is expressly forbidden, without prior written approval from Antonio DeLiberato. For Entertainment Purposes Only. Not meant to be used as a substitute for legal, financial, or professional advice.


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Publish Date March 17, 2018
Edition First
Department Tarot and Oracles
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  • Stunning Art!
  • Uncanny!
  • Intuitive and Insightful

Antonio DeLiberato

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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