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54 Cards for Prayer, Peace and Healing




In my work as a yoga therapist and life coach, I noticed that many oracle decks were creating confusion or triggering fears for clients who already were feeling stressed and anxious. I couldn't find a deck that presented personal insight and spiritual inspiration in a practical and empowering way, so I created The Dove Deck.

The cards in The Dove Deck promote self-love and self-care, encouraging peace and calm through non-denominational prayers, healing affirmations, healthy perspectives and action steps.

The watercolor design has a warm, rustic, cozy, hygge feel. This 54 card deck comes in its own tuck box and included is a free PDF guide and Instructions card.

Ways To Use Dove Cards

  • Journaling. Choose a specific card spread listed on the Instructions card, something you would like to explore, and journal whatever ideas come to mind based on the cards you drew.

  • Yoga practice. Teachers can choose a card to read to students during savasana, or you can pick a card to keep in mind and inspire your personal practice.

  • Yoga Nidra. Draw a card to inspire your Sankalpa. The Sankalpa states your intention of how you will use your free will, and helps guide your choices so they are aliged with your inner truth and life's purpose. The Dove cards are loaded with Sankalpas to choose from!

  • Meditation. Draw a card and incorporate the words or visual into your Vipassana, mindfulness, loving-kindness, transcendental or other meditation practice. Draw a card to inspire your mantra or metta phrases.

  • Coaches, Yoga Teachers, Reiki practitioners, health care providers and other wellness workers. Dove cards encourage a dialogue about thoughts, feelings and actions, support your client's healing experience and inspire a potential breakthrough.

  • Share a mindfulness message with friends, family and on social media.

  • Draw a card first thing in the morning or before bed to shift into an optimistic outlook and strenghten faith.

Thank you for considering adding The Dove Deck to your self-care and wellness practice.

Coming Soon - Yoga for Heroes

"The Dove Deck is used as a mindfulness tool, prayer tool, and just an overall feel good oracle. There are no bad cards in it and is gentle and uplifting!" -Tarot By Sammybrite



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Publish Date November 25, 2021
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Why buy this?

  • Pro-active deck that supports a healthy mindset.
  • Easy to use and understand.
  • Created for yogis, coaches and wellness workers.

Lauralyn Kearney

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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