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The Game of Science

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Want to be a marine biologist, an astrophysicist, and a mathematician all at the same time? No prior knowledge necessary! Want to play with microscopes, chemicals, and heavy machinery? No training required! Want to make exciting new discoveries and propose revolutionary scientific theories? Welcome to The Game of Science, where you can do all this and more--in an hour or less.

The game moves forward as you hire new scientists and outfit them with the tools of their trade. You'll use your scientists and equipment to make discoveries, which give you science credits (credibility and prestige, the currency of the trade). Your scientists can also mess with the research of other players as you compete with them to accumulate the most scientific credibility. And finally, you'll use your accumulated credibility to propose theories, the key to winning the game.

But the fun isn't over yet. Now the challenge is to convince your fellow players that you can use your theories to explain something new about the world. If they believe you, they'll let you win--but if they're not convinced, one of them might steal the show!

Every game will be different, as you explore new ways to combine scientists and decide on your favorite theories. No two games will play out the same!

The Game of Science is educational as well as fun. It was developed by scientists using real scientific concepts and experiences. We wanted to share the excitement, adventure, and humor of the day-to-day life of a modern scientist.

The game developers are also active in science outreach and education. If you are a teacher interested in using this game in your classroom, we would love to hear from you to share ideas and experiences.

Game Design: Kevin Miklasz
Illustrations and Game Design: Danna Staaf


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Publish Date September 18, 2011
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