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The Good Architect

Become the Master Builder
Bring architectural history of the Western world to your tabletop. Play to assemble the most cohesive building, collecting items from architecturally significant eras and styles from the Pre-Industrial Age such as Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, Greece, and the Renaissance! Boost your craftsmanship, material quality, and building’s propriety. Create combinations using your items to increase your score while fighting off your competitors. Notable archaeologists help uncover things once lost. Navigate demanding clients, natural disasters, and influential historic architects wanting to make their mark on your project. Mount Vesuvius erupts, a plague wipes out your workforce, Michelangelo contributes to your design, anything can happen! The one who can maneuver these obstacles and create the best building is, until the next round, the good architect.


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Why buy this?

  •  Rediscover ancient civilizations!
  •  Steal and trade!
  •  Fun for architects and non-architects alike!




Average Rating 5 reviews
Publish Date September 25, 2012
Department Board Games
Genre Historic
Audience Casual Gamer


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