Revealing the Goddess hidden deep within the Judeo-Christian Bible, Midrash and Kabbalah.

The Lilith Bible Tarot Deck illuminates the polytheistic pagan roots of Judeo-Christian religious scripture and ideas. Through Lilith’s eyes we take a fresh look at the Bible through the medium of tarot. Lilith’s lens is at once enlightening and liberating, forceful and kind.
The Lilith Bible Tarot Deck employs the Rider-Waite-Smith protocol for tarot and can be used by anyone familiar with this system. However the deck is in particular intended as an antidote for those recovering from extreme fundamentalist monotheistic forms of Western religion. It helps the reader explore a new form of spiritual connection (i.e., tarot reading) working within a conceptual framework with which they are familiar. As well as drawing on Judeo-Christian content the deck reimagines that content as part of a process of healing.
Most of the content of the Lilith Bible Tarot Deck comes from what Jews refer to as the Hebrew Bible and Christians call the Old Testament. Smaller amounts come from the New Testament, the Apocrypha and the Gnostic scriptures. Another small amount is sourced from Babylonian and Egyptian writings.
A key focus of the Lilith Bible Tarot Deck is the stories of the women in the Bible particularly through the lens of the central female character Lilith. Lilith represents the Defiant Goddess in all of us and her re-emergence in Western thought is a way of understanding and healing the injuries inflicted by organised religions such as the Jewish and Christian patriarchies and priesthoods.
Lilith is the much maligned first wife of Adam, created from the same earth at the same time. She was relegated to the role of demoness succubus and child killer in Jewish folklore because of her insubordination to Adam. Formerly possibly a mother goddess, Lilith is accused of all kinds of perfidy. In the Lilith Bible tarot deck Lilith's story is reimagined. Her hidden story is one of transformation of the human into the divine.

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  • Great stories
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DesignerLorelei Douglas Tarot
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Publish DateAugust 30, 2015
DepartmentTarot and Oracles
AudienceMature / Adult
Primary MechanicStorytelling
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