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The Patella Tarot

An Eclectic Queer Tarot calling on a Different Future, inspired & informed by the Patella & Madness




Projected Release Date & Crowd Sale: Ostara 2021

The Patella Tarot is a queer eclectic tarot card set using my body and life as metaphor to convey the experiences of invisible disability. It is informed by trauma work, polyvagal theory, dream work with the Goddess Hecate and further enabled by Brigid's creative blessing as part of a greater personal healing journey that acts as a spiritual gift to others.

This Tarot seeks to soothe and empower marginalized and disabled activists in their own pursuit of healing and justice in the world. The symbolism is shifted to reflect metaphors of our modern world and call on a future that is not ruled by constructs of money and gender. It has elements of body horror while dealing with mental illness, representations of strength while dealing with disability, joint hypermobility syndrome, PTSD & overlapping complex medical experiences.

I have designed three custom spreads to be utilized with this deck, and they will have placement cards to make the layout's of reading & interpretation easier. This deck is informed by my own use of chaos magic while I have sought assistance, visibility & healing.

This Tarot emerged spontaneously as part of my journey towards healing creative pathways in my mind in relation to past trauma that affected my ability to create to my full ability. Creating this Tarot has propelled me to go beyond my limits in new ways, as I hope it will also enable you to.

The Art in this deck can also be previewed and purchased on a variety of items on my Threadless Shop.


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Publish Date December 29, 2020
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Department Tarot and Oracles
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Why buy this?

  • Emergent Tarot created through Dreamwork & Trauma Theory
  • Chaos of Disability weaved together by Personal Narrative
  • Interpretive Tools & Placement Cards to aid in Readings


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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