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The Seasonal Tarot

A New Tarot Paradigm




This deck was drawn way back around 1983. It is an early attempt to depart from tradition and illustrate a new tarot paradigm that is not based upon the Rider/Waite/Smith deck, the teachings of any occult society, astrology, alchemy or qabalah. And while somewhat successful, it does still show some signs of traditional influence. However, the underlying structure is definitely unique. To learn more about that underlying structure and what makes it unique, just go to the accompanying web site at

Originally, this deck had no words. But I wanted to connect it to the same underlying structure used by The Numerical Tarot deck (which is also available here on this site), so… since I needed to alter the original size to fit the size used on this site, I decided to add some of the same keywords seen in that other deck. About 98.5% of those words fit these images perfectly. Some images are a bit off, but still true to the card's intended meaning and its overall essence. The main goal was just to get this artwork and deck out there where it could be used.


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Publish Date July 09, 2013
Edition Second
Department Tarot and Oracles
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More Info The Seasonal Tarot web site

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  • Not a clone of tradition
  • Keywords
  • Balance


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