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The Simple Tarot

Readable on sight by any intelligent perceptive person in our modern world




Pictures of the cards .. {-Here-}
A Tarot deck created as equipment in the founding of Wicca.

This deck can be read on first sight by any intelligent perceptive person in our modern world. (Yes, we assert that the pictures alone have sufficed in tests with non-speakers of English, and one of the tests is documented in a blog post.. {-Here-} ) It is admired for both its forthright pictures, in a hand drawn Zen or Tao style, and the clear strong bits of semi-haiku poetry on the cards that evoke and open their traditional Tarot meanings for the reader.

Not an Oriental deck, it uses its adapted foreign style to free the reader and artist from esoteric stale convention, opening Tarot - in our modern times the key treasure of the Western Mysteries - to everyone. This deck was created in*Bold* 1980 as the initial master work of Riley's art career and marks his dedication to Tarot as a public good.

Includes two extra cards with clear instructions in Riley's favorite method of their use. The first two chapters of the companion book "Documents For The Reader" are also packaged with the deck.

Here is part of the chapters that are packaged with the deck:

------- (start of excerpt from the book) ------- I made the Simple Tarot, in its first edition, as a way to start my self-taught art career and step decisively into real human life. It occupied my concentrated effort for exactly one year, from early January 1979 to early January 1980. Those were days when I was emerging from the unremitting concentrated stress of death defying youthful politics around the Vietnam War and arriving in the working poverty of a young family man.

One goal I had in mind to do was set down what I'd learned of life so far to be a clear starting point for whatever lay ahead, and to learn from that study. I did not want to lose the failures and successes and the dead and living into forgetfulness. Tarot seemed to offer help with that.

By then, by early 1979, I had been reading Tarot for a while, for my own guidance mainly. I used the Rider Waite Pack and the Aquarian Tarot. The Rider looked simply fundamental to me while the Aquarian had the flowery shapes and somber colors that my eyes in those days saw as just the world's current reality. And so I would often read the two together for a deeper view.

For my purposes, I felt Tarot's claim to universal human truth as tantalizing with distinctive savor. Could I really, as was purported by its theorists and more or less confirmed by my experience, use the Tarot deck structure as a diagram whereon to scribble everything I knew of human life? If so, if its structure really could be trusted, it would surely also help me fill in blanks and reach conclusions and thus remember truly much that I would otherwise forget.

I was programming computers by then for a living (my brother had advised I would be good at that) and thinking like that helped the project too. To my surprise, coder thinking soon produced a remarkably firm and clear list of the project's main design considerations. There were two.

One: I must create a functioning complete actual Tarot deck, for that's what accurately scribbling on an accurate diagram would do. Two: This hypothetical Tarot deck, if I truly learned my life experiences by making it (that is, if making it would properly map my life experience onto my human nature) then this deck would also be usable by most any other human in our culture in our time.

So besides the personal attractions of the project, and their pressing nature, it seemed perhaps a useful means of doing politics too. ------- (end of excerpt from the book) -------

The two documents that come with the deck are the first chapters from the excellent and unique companion book "Documents For The Reader". .. A home-printable version of the whole book is in the Free Download List, and you'll find a link to buy the paperback below.

See all the Simple Tarot cards in an Art Gallery site .. .. {-Here-}
See it packaged as "The STUDIO EDITION" .. .. {-Here-} .. .. Where i buy all the parts, .. Work up a bag from scraps of un-primed old-fashioned painter's canvas, .. Stitched on a utility-work sewing machine, .. With an artistic label affixed by ironing, .. Assembled finally here on my art table, .. In a big window looking at the woods, .. In a tiny garret cellar, .. With old beat up art tools. .. (On the Sale Page you'll discover that i'm NOT doing this anymore.)
Do a reading on-line with this deck .. .. {-Here-}
Retail: Companion paperback book .. .. {-Here-} .. .. It is titled "Documents For The Reader".
Retail: Spirit Hill Tarot .. .. {-Here-} .. .. FABULOUS COLOR MODERN ART DECK .. After stand-up story work as a Pagan leader showed me the Natural Soul of Art, .. Then i could find a shack in the mountains for a long delayed idea, .. "Stealing" (as i called it) .. From a careful selection of the Modern Masters, .. Then this, my 2nd Tarot, explicitly began one year into Spirit Hill, .. In the 2nd summer, .. With most-all of the vivid paintings it would need already nailed on walls or leaning in dusty corners, .. My 2nd deck's digital assembly from those parts began a year in after luring a Lover up to the Lovely Shack on Spirit Hill.
Retail: Alphabeticon Fortunetelling Tool .. .. {-Here-} .. .. A boxed set that includes the Singing Fish Pocket Tarot deck.
Retail: Singing Fish Pocket Tarot .. .. {-Here-} .. .. Here sold separtely from the boxed set.
Our Tarot Hub .. .. {-Here-} .. .. Lots, lots, lots of LINKS TO ALL MY TAROT WORK, .. Endless quantities of pro-level interesting comments, poetry & pro-level memoir, .. Gorgeous graphics for Free Screen Grab, .. And seventeen dozen STARTLING FREE DOWNLOADS related to Tarot, etc.etc.etc.etc.
Our Front Page .. .. {-Here-} .. .. Free public archive from decades of art projects.


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Publish Date December 13, 2014
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  • Tarot by a master of Tarot and Modern Art
  • A clear deep deck anyone can use
  • Comes with poems and historical document


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