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The Time Travelers Henchmen

Time hopping, artifact collecting, race through the past.




Your boss, the great evil mastermind time traveler known as Todd, has decided it is time to promote one of his henchmen. Whichever one of you brings Todd the greatest treasures from time will get that promotion.

Travel through time, locate valuable artifacts, return to the present without losing them, impress Todd, and get the promotion.

#### -Gameplay- Utilize time travel "gap" jumping cards propelling your henchmen through time to locate and collect "valuable" artifacts that pop up on the timeline.


As you journey through time, you can lay traps, swap artifacts, use time folds and push other henchmen through time.


The artifacts that appear on the timeline are not always valuable, but being the good, ambitious henchman that you are, you always throw it in your bag. You never know when Ghengis Khan's loincloth will come in handy.


Once a henchman retrieves 5 artifacts they can return to the lair. All other henchmen get one last turn to achieve any last-minute deeds (grab another artifact, steal an artifact, or just cause mayhem) before counting up their spoils to see who gets the promotion!

Enjoy simple gameplay with a nefarious twist!


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Publish Date September 30, 2021
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Why buy this?

  • Risk Reward - Use your cards to move yourself or opponent
  • Clever movement - Jump through time, forward and backward
  • Fun interactions - Mess with the others, or play it safe

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