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The Universe Is Black & White

Choose your faction. Lead glorious battles. Rule the universe.




Black and White. Life and Death. Good and Evil.

Time is a terrible thing to behold. We never seem to have enough of it, and the fear of death can cripple even the most pious of people.

The Time Industry has monetized our fear of death, turned it into a business that stretches throughout the universe, promising eternal life in exchange for the nominal fee of your soul. But they are not the only force in the universe, nor are they the most powerful.

The Akarin, a quiet group who stylizes themselves as the "good guys." They wield a power known as the Akari and claim to be the favored few of their deity called the Author.

The Cult of the Akari, once a disillusioned splinter faction of the Akarin, now on a militant quest for dominance, seeking the overthrow of both the Time Industry and the Akarin. They, too, claim the favor of the Author and the power of the Akari.

Choose your faction and lead your army through a number of Arenas, seeking total dominance and submission of the universe.

Step Into the Fray

In this game, 2 - 3 players will draft cards, equip Battlers with Weapons, Maneuvers, Enhancements, and Defense, and roll dice to battle their way through 21 different Arenas.

Damage is based on a simple premise of strong hit, weak hit, miss. Strong hit? Full Damage, baby. Weak hit? Not great, but you can still pack a punch. Miss? Yeah, not so great. And I wonder what this "impossible hit" nonsense is...

But it's not just about whacking each other with sticks. You have to be smart about your attack. There are boons and deficits to be obtained depending on your Battlers, Enhancements, and Weapons, and sometimes the Arenas themselves fight back. You also have to be on guard against anything your opponent might do to sabotage your dice. And if that's not enough, you may be the author of your own downfall (or victory) if you happen upon a Random Event.

Oh, and did we mention that it's possible to Kidnap your opponents, hold them Hostage, and even use them as a Human Shield in order to save your own skin?

Keep It Fresh

Spicy Rules are provided in the rulesheet, allowing for altered play, including splinter factions and rebel alliances.

Looking For More?

This base set is fully playable out of the box, but expansions will introduce new Factions, new Battlers, new Weapons, new MEDs, and new Random Events, all contained in a unique, collectible mint tin. The box provided with this set will hold everything.


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Publish Date November 07, 2022
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Why buy this?

  • Three factions to choose from, or make your own
  • Use Enhancements to power up your Weapons or Defense
  • Use Arenas and Weapons to create powerful synergy

Black Bear Publishing

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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