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The Yule Hog

Can you keep the Yule Hog away from your Christmas feast?




Your town is preparing for its Christmas feast and festivities, but everyone is on edge. Every year, the giant, prize-winning pig from the nearby farm breaks out and tries to eat the feast. Can you keep him distracted long enough to save the feast? Or will the Yule Hog be making the Naughty List again this year?

This is a cooperative game in which you attempt to anticipate where the Yule Hog card is in the deck and play cards to try to keep him there without drawing him. If the Yule Hog is drawn and cannot be countered, then the Yule Hog outmaneuvers you, eats the feast, and wins the game. If you collect all 8 feast items without drawing the Yule Hog, you save the feast and win the game.

*Even though it's themed for Christmas, this game is fun year-round.

*Semi-Finalist in TGC's Holiday Contest.

*Illustrations on certain cards are provided to help younger players understand the game mechanics.

*Detailed rules can be downloaded for free. A Rule Card is provided in the deck to give basic rules as a quick reference during play.


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Publish Date February 12, 2019
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Why buy this?

  • Cooperative and simple gameplay
  • Use cards to manipulate the deck
  • Players versus the Deck

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