Theater of the Hammed (DCC RPG)

An Adventure for 3rd and 4th-Level DCC RPG Characters written exclusively for Gamehole Con 2015!

- Theater of the Hammed DCC RPG Adventure (Print + PDF)
- 4 full-color Medallions of Misbelief*

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"The people of Minstrel need your help! A divine ritual meant to heal our sleepless king has gone abominably, giving birth to blood-thirsty creatures from the pages of fable! Now we are trapped between both the Western raiders which rule our port, and the nightmarish demons which hold our once great amphitheater. Scattered within the theater are the cursed fable’s pages, which we need to complete the ritual! Where could such a group of adventurers be found, who would dare face creatures and beasts so vile as to even hurl the imaginative minds of a theater audience into abject terror!"

Theater of the Hammed is written to be played by five to seven 3rd-level characters, or four to six 4th-level characters, in approximately six hours of playtime. Because of the dangerous encounters waiting within the amphitheater, it is recommended that the party have both a warrior and dwarf class. Over the course of the adventure, PCs will collect the scattered pages of an enchanted bedtime tale to decipher the weaknesses of their fabled opponents. While exploring the theater, characters will potentially fall deeper under its curse – bolstering both their own strength and their enemies. A new mechanic called the Misbelief Rating (MR) is used to track the players fall from reality. If players fail to manage their MR with vigilance, the adventure may become too much, as the blood-thirsty illusions lurking within complete their passage from the pages of fable into the planes of reality!

This 3rd and 4th-Level DCC RPG Adventure includes an illustrated set of Player Handouts that combine into “The Boy in the Golden Pantaloons” - A dungeon crawler’s fairy tale written exclusively for this adventure!

Also includes a Game Crafter exclusive: "Melodalia's Medallion of Misbelief" - a wearable dial for use within this adventure and future Order of the Quill Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG modules!

* Because of the Gamecrafter printing process, the cost of including one dial vs. four dials is the exact same, so extras are included! Hand them out as player prizes at the end of the adventure!

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Cool Factors

  • A six-hour adventure module for Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG!
  • An 8-page, fully illustrated fairy tale player handout set!
  • A custom dial for players to track their party's Misbelief!


DesignerClint Bohaty
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Publish DateOctober 20, 2015
AudienceGame Master
Primary MechanicStorytelling
If You LikeDungeons & Dragons
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