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Theologetics: Coffee • God

This is a learning game to help teach some of the basic classical arguments for God using coffee.




A game for 3-8 players that is designed to help memorize the classical arguments for the existence of God in a unique way... with coffee. The minimalist design and simplistic rules make for a fun yet enlightening experience.


Each player is dealt 10 cards to begin. The rest of the cards remain in a draw pile facedown. A round begins with the first player taking one card from the hand of any player he chooses without knowing which card he is taking or he can take a card from the top of the draw pile of cards. Then he can lay down as many pairs of coffee cards in front of him to “brew” those cups of coffee if possible by discarding a coffee bean card per pair.

Then it’s the turn of the next player to the left. Once a cup of coffee is brewed, that player can “master” it on his next turn by placing a third matching coffee card on the pair, but only if that player can recite by memory that argument found on the poster corresponding to those 3 coffee cards.

For each cup of coffee a player has mastered, from then on he/she can take an additional card from other players or from the draw pile if desired (i.e. if a player mastered two coffees, now on her turn she can blindly take up to 3 cards). Discarded cards are always placed at the bottom of the draw pile.

The game ends when any player runs out of cards or when all 16 regular kinds of coffee have been brewed or mastered. Points are then tallied using the points key on the poster and whoever has the most points wins.

There are also 4 bonuses listed on the poster which players can earn in addition to their regular points.


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Publish Date March 05, 2022
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Why buy this?

  • Minimalistic
  • For those who love coffee
  • A learning game

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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