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This House is Haunted

Use your own home as the game board in this silly and spooky exploration based card game!
Your house is haunted by demonic spirits! Will you banish the evil presence or become possessed yourself?

Bust out the flashlights and use your darkened home as the game board! Explore your home, avoid terrible curses, survive haunted rooms, all the while not knowing which of your friends you can actually trust...

And thanks to a successful kickstarter campaign there is an official 'This House Is Haunted' soundtrack available at This House Is Haunted Original Soundtrack, by Yellow Chord Audio []

And don't forget to check out the new expansion 'This Expansion Is Haunted' This Expansion Is Haunted []




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Average Rating 8 reviews
Publish Date January 18, 2015
Edition First
Department Card Games
Genre Horror
Theme Halloween
Setting Modern / Present
Audience Party
Primary Mechanic Simulation
If You Like Betrayal at House on the Hill
More Info This House is Haunted web site

Why buy this?

"I Love This Game. And why do I love this game? Because it is an Experience! - It gets you up away from the table. And the theme is great, this is actually a scary game!"

  • Immersive experience uses your home as the game board!
  • Wonderful blend of spooky and silly, great for all ages!
  • Cooperative play mixed with secret rogue players!


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