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Time Rift

A Cooperative Time Travel game for 1-2 players


As Agents of the Temporal Protection Agency, you and your partner are tasked with removing Anachronisms from the Timeline and closing the Rift, even if it means sacrificing your Temporal Cohesion and risking your own existence... because the alternative is to allow the Rift to open completely, which will result in the destruction of the Universe itself!


1 Rift Card

5 Agent Cards

10 Era Cards

44 Anachronism Cards

56 Device Cards

4 Positive Dice (white d10)

4 Negative Dice (red d10)

2 Agent Pawns (green and purple avatars)

2 Temporal Cohesion Markers (green and purple cubes)

2 Positive Dice Markers (white cubes)

1 Negative Dice Marker (red cube)

1 Rift Marker (black cube)

1 Rule Booklet

1 TPA Handbook

All printed components have smudge-resistant UV coating.

See the complete Time Rift Rules and TPA Handbook (both available as free downloads) for details.

Special thanks to Sad Enemy.


  • v1.0 - Initial Release

  • v2.0 - Increased box and rule booklet size, and included printed copy of TPA Handbook.Upgraded components and improved card design, based on player feedback. Also made minor changes to card text to improve compatibility with the upcoming "Collateral Damage" expansion.

  • v2.01 - Replaced clear cubes (for Positive Dice Trackers) with new white cubes, to better match white Positive Dice.




Action Shots



Cool Factors

  • Become an Agent of the Temporal Protection Agency!
  • Travel through history, removing Anachronisms!
  • Work together to close the Rift and save the Universe!


DesignerSHP Games
Average Rating (3)
Publish DateJanuary 15, 2016
Edition2nd Edition (v2.01)
DepartmentBoard Games
SettingAlternate Future
Primary MechanicCo-operation
If You LikePandemic
More InfoTime Rift web site

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