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A expansive in heart, yet compact in size, solo dungeon crawling experience that will satisfy




The Brotherhood of the Red Cloth long made their home deep in the abandoned mines of the Black Mountains. But sickness came upon them as they delved too deep, and their minds have been twisted and their attention has shifted to creating wicked evils. Darkness now lives here and only a true hero can cure the madness that has consumed all... Are you that hero?


Tin Helm is the little brother to the hit solo dungeon crawler Iron Helm. Tin Helm shares some mechanics with it's older brother, but applies many new twists. Tin Helm also is quite small in size and makes the perfect dungeon-on-the-go game. It literally fits in a shirt pocket.

What makes Tin Helm Special?

(1) In Tin Helm you can choose from 4 unique races and classes for a combination of 12 completely different adventurers!

(2) Tin Helm uses an all-new dungeon delving mechanic that is unlike anything you saw in Desolate or Iron Helm. Every dungeon will be a whole new experience.

(3) The path to victory in Tin Helm will require you to locate 3 shards. There are 5 unique ways to locate these shards, making every single game a fresh new adventure.

Choose your Adventurer

First you pick your race and then you flip the remaining cards to their class side and then you pick a class. In this way you have a total of 12 different combinations to choose from. Each race has a class they cannot be, as that class is on the backside of their card. Races set the base for your starting health, energy, and food, while also each having a unique special power. Your class adds a health and energy bonus, tells you how much damage you can deal in combat, and also shows you what starting trappings you will enter the dungeon with.


Delving in the Dungeon

Working your way through the vile dungeon in Tin Helm is a tense and satisfying experience. You always have a choice and you always are given a bit of information, but you never truly know what lurks behind each door until you make the commitment to enter...

You may choose to resolve the top card in the dungeon deck by simply placing the card to the side and then flipping the next card in the deck to its reverse side. Here you will find the results of what is actually in the first room!


Or you may choose to skip the top card by flipping it to its reverse side and then drawing and placing the next card beside it face-up. The first card now gives you the results for what is in the second room! Sometimes this is risky, but what fun is a dungeon without a little risk...?


Tutorial and Playthrough


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Publish Date October 18, 2021
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Why buy this?

This is a must have and just a wonderful experience! Tin Helm from Grey Gnome Games is innovative as well as just plain fun!!

  • Tense dungeon crawling!
  • Big gaming in a small package!
  • 12 character combos to play!


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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