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A fast-paced competitive card game featuring ambitious monsters!




KING BOSS has been catapulted to the moon by a meddling hero! So long bub! As one of KING B’s elite (though comparatively inept) mini bosses, it’s up to YOU and your army of GRUMPY MINIONS to carry on his mission to kidnap all the princesses and RULE THE LAND!

In this game players are monster bosses vying to kidnap the most princesses, because that’s what monsters in leadership positions do. Each player will receive their own tiny army of minions, which they will need to send out in squads to capture valuable assets and locate more princesses. Only the most clever bosses will prevail.
Hurry though! The cold winter months are fast approaching...

This copy of Tiny Grumpy Armies includes everything you need to play with 2 to 4 players, including a copy of the fast-paced SURLY SKIRMISH game rules.

As if that isn't enough, be sure to check out the two other rule sets;
Foggy Front-lines, a simultaneous blind-bidding battle for superiority and embarrassing hats,
and Cranky Campaign, a worker placement-y war of careful planning and tough choices.

Be sure to check out tinygrumpyarmies [] There's comics!


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Publish Date May 09, 2014
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Why buy this?

Great card game. Ridiculously cute artwork. Pretty awesome stuff!

  • Pick your favorite princesses and try to kidnap them all!
  • Draft powerful recruits to buff up your army!
  • 3 games in one! That's like 2 games for free!


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