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TMS Humane Capital Board Game

An innovative strategy game to start the 'Big Shift' to a more humane organization.




Doing well by doing good

The Humane Capital® Board game was developed to help organizations put research and ideas from the book “Humane Capital®" into practice.

At the heart of Humane Capital® are the 8 Pillars for leveraging Humane Capital®: Mindset, Motivation, Purpose, Values, Alignment, Self-organization, Caring Ethos and Organizational Learning.

- Do you know which are helping or hindering the organization you are invested in?

The Humane Capital® book shares evidence-based strategies that have been successfully used to bring about or maintain the ‘Big Shift’. The ‘Big Shift’ relates to moving from old ways of working based on command and control to the new ways of working based on people, purpose and collaboration that unleash performance, engagement, innovation and profit.

These strategies have been contextualised into four sectors:

  • Corporate
  • SME/Entrepreneurial
  • Public Sector
  • Not-for-Profit


To identify one action that the group/organization commits to work on first to start the shift to a more humane organization, selecting the most appropriate sector specific strategy to use to do this.

The game demonstrates how current leaders and managers can start the process of shifting their own organizations from ‘controlled and orderly’ to ‘enthusiastic and collaborative’.

It begins by providing a vocabulary and structure for the senior team to explore the 8 Pillars of Humane Capital®.

Next, it considers the sector specific strategies the organization could utilise to work on the Pillar themes, creates the awareness of the potential ‘barriers’ it might encounter on the way, finally focusing on one specific strategy to implement first.

Setting the Context

Before you start, there are two steps that need to be confirmed in preparation for setting up the board.

  1. Select the Deck of Strategy Cards that are appropriate for your sector, or the organization which you are considering.
  2. As a group, agree the TIME perspective you will consider for the first round. Typically the PRESENT context is explored for the initial intervention.

Playing Time for up to Eight Players

Allow approximately 90 minutes for the first time the team plays the game. We suggest that the Senior Team plays the game initially.

Game Components

  1. Six fold Humane Capital® Game Board
  2. Humane Capital® Cards : Insights, Barriers, Strategies and Action in 3 Decks
  3. Selection of Game Pieces


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Publish Date October 13, 2018
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Why buy this?

  • A unique, engaging & accessible way to start the big shift
  • Quickly understand the book concepts and put into practice
  • Select sector specific strategies for immediate success!

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.
  • This game contains a premium upgrade where the printed components will be embossed with a linen texture.


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