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The designer has designated this game as 'not for sale' at the present time.

Tournament Fishing: The Deckbuilding Game

A competitive, co-op, and solo card game for 1 to 4 Anglers!




Here are what some have said about Tournament Fishing already:

"Man, I freaking love this game! I want to play it all the time. Really great job!"

  • Michael Kelley of One Stop Co-op Shop (The only other person on earth who currently has an advanced copy)

I remember when you were first designing TF, and now it’s totally BAD-BASS. I am completely blown away with how much it’s grown since then... hoping this Crowd Sale shows everyone how much of a catch Tournament Fishing: The Deckbuilding Game is!

"You SHOULD take pride - it's a great game!"

  • Ken Franklin (A Rulebook Sanity Tester on The Game Crafter)

"I don't want a tease I want to BUY"

"Game looks awesome... This is what I wanted Coldwater Crown to be. I've sold that game and I think I'll buy into this when the sale comes up."

"Wow, this looks fantastic. Can you get TGC to move up the sale date?"



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A Note from the Designer

This game is the product of many years of fishing on lakes and rivers as I grew up in Texas combined with my hundreds of hours of playing Bassin's Black Bass with Hank Parker on the Nintendo when I was little! In more recent years, it was inspired by my love for deckbuilding games and a passion to create one of my own that was different than the rest. I believe that I achieved that but I will let you all be the judge! Thank you so much for checking out the game and I hope to see or hear about you playing it one day on the inter-webs!



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Average Rating 9 reviews
Publish Date November 28, 2017
Edition Second
Department Games
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More Info Tournament Fishing: The Deckbuilding Game web site

Why buy this?

"Man, I freaking love this game! I want to play it all the time. Really great job!"

  • Multi-use Cards: each card can be played in 3 distinct ways
  • Hand Management: acquiring the right cards to catch the Fish
  • Memory Recollection: recalling where the Fish are each turn


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