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Authentic Reproduction, Certified Genuine
A voice at your elbow says, "Ey mate, y'looks like yer knows what's o'clock. Looky 'ere. Gen-oo-wine levver, hand tooled an' all, sale price today jus' special fer yer, on'y 10 bleedin' ciggies. What d'yer say, hey?"

You examine the small leather case thrust under your nose. It does seem quite well-made, though you're not sure what you'd use it for.

~ ♠ ~ ♣ ~ ♦ ~ ♥ ~ ★ ~

Once upon a future time, a Joker named Sessine looked around at Improbable Island. He saw that while it could supply almost every manifestation of Chance he could ever want for amusement, from murderous little red rice cookers to seventy-headed hellhounds, it was missing one last thing to be perfect: Steam locomotives.

"Aha!" said Sessine. "I have the tools. I have the power. I must build myself a railroad, complete with tickets, tracks, stations, and thundering black iron locomotives, so that I will be able to ride in the cab, drive the engine too fast, and blow the whistle for each level crossing."

So he did. It was the best toy ever. Other people started finding mysterious playing cards lying about the Island in the oddest places -- folded under a table leg. Stuffed into a rusty garden sculpture. Pinned to a bulletin board. Half-hidden under a bush beside a jungle path! They learned that if they collected enough of these battered bits of pasteboard and took them to a train station, the stationmaster would trade them a one-day pass to ride the train... sometimes, it might be even more than one pass.

Ah, but nothing lasts forever. There was a shift in the quality of Improbability. (Either that, or Sessine's business model turned out to be flawed.) In any case, though the stations are still around, the trains no longer run.

That's all right. It's enough that they did exist.

~ ♠ ~ ♣ ~ ♦ ~ ♥ ~ ★ ~

And now... NOW, ladies and gentlemen and Islanders worldwide... those same strange playing cards EXIST IN THE REAL WORLD. Here they are, lovingly recreated in exacting detail by Sessine's player, each card exhibiting its own different history written in stains, scratches, and... subtle oddities.

This beautiful collector's deck also includes a regular rail pass, a First Class rail pass, and a never-before-seen Map of the East Line and West Line track routes, illustrated with thumbnail sketches of each station.

~ ♠ ~ ♣ ~ ♦ ~ ♥ ~ ★ ~

This is a non-standard deck, to say the least. It reproduces the curious cards that players could find as part of the game feature. There are NO face cards.

The Joker is Sessine this time (caught in the act of creating Trains with PHP, and cheerfully represented by an avatar commissioned from Ebenezer), not CMJ -- who, as we all know, has quit smoking.

The 54-card Deck includes:
10 pip cards each in 5 colors for five suits - Spades (black), Clubs (green), Diamonds (gold), Hearts (red), Stars (blue).
1 Joker
1 regular rail pass
1 First Class rail pass
1 Map card, a new design

This is the strange deck reproducing the cards you used to find in the Trains feature.

There are two other Island card decks, and also a Collector Set of all three decks. See the Related Games, below! The other two are:

* Entropy Enhancer: The keepsake deck you can play regular card games with., and

* Mighty Magpie: The card game! Beautiful illustrated 72-card deck with art from nineteen different Island artists.

All profits go directly to support Improbable Island.

~ ♠ ~ ♣ ~ ♦ ~ ♥ ~ ★ ~

If you haven't seen Improbable Island -- the original indy text browser game that gave rise to these decks -- check it out!

Honestly, it's not for everyone. If you do have the quirky sense of humour to like that sort of thing, you'll find a rich source of amusement, a place to roleplay in a post-EMP future where anything can happen, and perhaps some really excellent friendships.

It can't hurt to look, right?

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Why buy this?

  • Best levver case, brung in special fer yer. Bleedin' ace!
  • All-new Map wiv fancy pictures an' all. Posh, innit?
  • All da badasses n' Holy Cheese showoffs go fer 'em, mate.




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Publish Date November 23, 2013
Edition First
Department Playing Cards
Genre Sci-Fi
Theme Weird
Setting Future
More Info Trains! web site

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