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Tree: Deluxe

A casual card game about life, growth... destruction... and death.




*The deluxe version uses large tarot-sized cards. The poker-sized version of the game is also available.

Trees… symbolic in so many ways. Precious natural resources. Majestic living creatures.

In “Tree,” players raise trees from seedlings to majestic oaks, by combining various stages of root and treetop cards. But as players nurture life, they must also destroy it – by breaking, burning, or harvesting their opponent’s trees. By growth, or by destruction – players fight for victory points, or to outlast their opponents and hold the last living tree. Life, growth… destruction – death. Welcome… to “Tree.”

"Tree" is a casual game with simple, abstract graphics and straight-forward gameplay. Players can harvest or destroy each others trees at almost every level, which makes it difficult to grow a full tree. When this level of achievement is reached, it's quite rewarding. The tarot-sized cards help to bring the game's aesthetics to life and the simple color palette makes the cards easy to recognize and differentiate at a glance.

Low lows (having your trees killed) and high highs (growing a tree to maturity, or even harvesting your opponent's trees) make this game very immersive.

*For a less aggressive game, simply remove some of the attack cards.

PDF instructions are available for free download if you'd like to explore the world of "Tree."

Thanks, and enjoy.


**Want to try the game in person? We'll be at GameholeCon this November running a "casual game hour" on Saturday slot 4, at 2pm. Everyone who signs up will leave with a copy of one of our games. (EverDark, Tree, Tower Assault, Vultures - all of which are available right here on The Gamecrafter)

**Our goal at Gigantopithecus Games is to create light, fast-paced games that all ages can enjoy - but are also challenging and thought-provoking. Most of our games are modular and can be tweaked to tailor gameplay to your tastes. Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated!

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Publish Date March 31, 2015
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Why buy this?

“Tree” is a simplistic yet charming little game, one that’s both easy on the eyes and fun to play.

  • Strong "take that" element
  • Simple, fast-paced gameplay
  • Trees... trees are cool!

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