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Trials of the Eldar: The Fight Begins - Thief

A complete set of all Thief cards from Trials of the Eldar: The Fight Begins




Trials of the Eldar: The Fight Begins - Thief is a supplemental collection-building product. You will receive a complete set of all 36 cards from the Thief class:

  • Thief Hero: Asad, Raptor's Claw
  • Thief Hero: Giana, Night's Whisper
  • 17 pairs of non-Hero Thief cards
  • Note: This product is designed to minimize cost to you. Therefore, it contains no special packaging.

For the complete game, check out Trials of the Eldar: The Fight Begins!

Trials of the Eldar is the result of immeasurable hard work, collaboration, and emotional investment from a dedicated community of passionate and talented people. The game, its characters, and its world were born from many hearts, many hands, and many minds. None of this is the product or property of any one individual, as none of this would have been possible through the endeavors of any single person alone.

Major contributors to game design, conceptual development, and general gameplay: David Rose, Jeremy Bartlett, Tamora Lawrence, Jacob Medina, Dimitri Nikoletsos, Megan Ramette, John Snyder, Katherine Von Wald, and Sarah Weiner.

Original artwork and graphic design contributions: Jay Bailey, Agnes Balter, Bbubblerum, Shan Bennion, Phill Berry, Mari Blackmore, Daria Boudreau, Stenio Campoio, Nicole Cardiff, Rita Chen, Chloe (Aelwen-Art), Vini Correa, Ellizsha, Lucas Gaspar, Juwiart, Marion Kartes-La Croix, Tamora Lawrence, Al Liu, Sara Manca, Giovanna Martin, Kitty Murphy, Canh Nguyen, Erin Petersen, Elisa Rio, David Rose, Igor Silva, SkipToMy, Snejkha, Starwi, Artur Vilela, and Tessa Wijaya.

Trials of the Eldar features the artwork and ideas of people from across the planet. Game development took place in the occupied and unceded lands and territory of the Massachusett and Pawtucket people.



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Publish Date January 13, 2022
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More Info Trials of the Eldar: The Fight Begins - Thief web site

Why buy this?

  • Extra copies of your favorite Thieves, Asad and Giana!
  • Build and maintain multiple Thief decks at a time.
  • Expand your collection without buying the full game twice!

Trials of the Eldar

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  • This game does not come in a box.


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