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Help your tribe survive and make art!
It is the dawn of your tribe, they must struggle to find food, build housing, grow in numbers, and finally create the beginning of a culture with their art.

Collect food, build houses, breed your people and make art in this quick dice simulation of tribal history.

Jim DuBois has been designing games for two decades now. After 6 years in the computer game industry, where he created Majesty, the fantasy kingdom sim, as well as other games, he has turned to making board games.

[Build your own set of Tribes! Get the PDF only version here: Tribes - PDF only version []]


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Why buy this?

  • Very quick
  • Simultaneous play
  • Fun dice simulation




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Publish Date July 10, 2013
Edition First
Department Board Games
Genre Historic
Theme Civilization
Setting Prehistoric
Audience Casual Gamer
Primary Mechanic Simulation
If You Like Roll Through the Ages


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