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Tribute: The Youth Bible Quiz Board Game (Digital Download)

Print-your-own version of the Tribute: Youth Bible Quiz board game to play at home or for practices.




My family and I love to play board, card, and dice games. There is at least one game on my Christmas list every year. Though we all enjoy the bonding time and delicious snacks, it seems to me that my family has the most fun when they team up against me. While I prefer strategic games like Settlers of Catan, Risk, and Ticket to Ride, my wife enjoys simpler games like Mexican Train Dominos and Yahtzee. And when we play cooperative games like Pandemic or Escape Room the Game, I am often amazed by our genuine selflessness and impressed by our collective ingenuity to solve the challenges of the game.

It is not surprising then that I fell in love with Teen Bible Quizzing. In addition to the Bible study, disciple-making, and spiritual growth this ministry offers, the game appeals to my fondness for strategy and teamwork.

Yet at times home study or team practices can get routine or even boring. And if you are bored, you are not learning. To keep everyone engaged, it is good to add a little variety every now and again. ​ With the goal of making reviewing at home and team practices fun and engaging, playing Tribute: The Youth Bible Quiz Board Game just might do the trick (assuming, of course, you enjoy board games as much as I do). Now you can review at home without it feeling like you are studying. Or play it during a team practice to keep practices from getting stale. In addition, the beauty of this game is that it is different every time you play. The types of questions are in a different order every game and you decide in advance from which chapter or chapters you want questions asked. ​ While some of the board games I like to play are so complicated that they take hours to learn, this game is so simple that you can learn how to play almost faster than you can set it up.


Once you shuffle and place the Question type Cards around the game board, your mission is to Master as many questions as you can. Mastering a question allows you to collect Tribute from guests who land on your Question Card and error when answering that type of question. Each type of Question Card carries a different value and you can double the value if you land on and answer a question for that card a second time.

​Everyone starts with 20 Tributes in their account. Since the game does not come with questions, provide each person with about 20 questions of each type to ask (from Set Maker, for example). Alternatively, everyone could just as easily share a book of questions, a printout, or the NPH Youth Quiz app for iOS or Android. If you ask all of your questions before the game ends, just start over and ask them again!


On your turn, roll a die (provide your own or use a die-rolling app) and advance your token that number of Question Cards.

If you land on a Question Card that has no Master, you become that Question’s Master by correctly answering the question and receiving the Master Card for that question.

If you land on any of your own Question Cards, you can do nothing or choose to double the card's Tribute value by answering another question of that type and flipping the Question Card over to reveal the Double Tribute side. But be careful! If you error, you must return your Master Card for that Question!

If you land on a Question Card Mastered by someone else, you must attempt to answer a question matching that Question Card. If you get it right, nothing happens and your turn is over. If you make an error, however, you transfer Tribute from your account to that Question’s Master matching the value of the Question Card.

Just as in Youth Bible Quizzing, erring on Questions 16 through 20 carries a penalty. Incorrectly answering these questions not only requires paying Tribute to that Question's Master (if there is one), but also depositing that Question Card’s Tribute value in the Tribute Storehouse account. Anyone can earn the Tribute in the Storehouse by correctly answering any question missed by the previous player during the game.

​As players run out of Tribute, they have erred out of the game and must return all of their Master Cards and flip any of their Double Tribute Question Cards to the Normal Tribute side. They are still involved in the game by asking questions to the remaining players. Alternatively, choose to have them join another player’s team that could use the help.


There are two ways to win the game, so here is where a bit of strategy comes in. One way is to be the last remaining player with all of the Tribute. That is the Battle Royale or Survivor way to win. The second way to win is to be the first player to acquire 15 Master Cards or 10 Double Tribute Question Cards.

In our experience, each Tribute game using these default rules takes about 30-45 minutes and we ask roughly the same number of questions as we do in a quiz practice.

To keep the board game from getting tiresome, the instructions include four other ways you can play. One of them is even a travel-friendly game to play in the van on the way to the quiz meet. So actually, it is five games in one!

Or, make up your own rules to suit the skill level of your quizzers. Who would know?

And since you provide your own questions, you can use this board game every quiz season! ​ So grab some snacks, gather your team, quizzer, or family around the table, and test your knowledge while playing a board game!


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Publish Date October 05, 2018
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Why buy this?

  • It’s a board game that uses your Youth Bible Quiz questions!
  • It’s different every time you play!
  • Use the same game board every quiz season!

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  • This game does not come in a box.


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