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Tricky Tides

Become the greatest sea merchant in this trick-taking nautical game!

Hoist your sails and mind those tricky tides as you travel from island to island, collecting resources and delivering them to earn the most gold!

"Tricky Tides" uniquely uses trick-taking to serve two key purposes: determining which direction you will sail and dictating the player order in which you will embark.

The game uses Navigation cards that act much like a traditional deck, but this deck is made up of values 1-8. Players play cards to try and win tricks (although cards are not collected when a trick is won).

Instead, the winner gets to sail first, moving their ship to an adjacent island according to the available headings shown on the card they just played.

After sailing, a player can then either pick up ALL of the resources of one type or deliver resources to fulfill an order, earning the gold listed on that order card.

Knowing which cards to play at the opportune time is critical to not only winning the trick, but also reaching the islands that will earn you the most rewards.

You'll need to manage both your hand of Navigation cards and your ship's limited Cargo Hold – all while charting the best course on the map – to reach the riches first and win the game!




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Cool Factors

  • Trick-taking meets pick-up-and-deliver, with a modular map!
  • Win tricks to sail first & beat your opponents to the loot!
  • Discover monsters at sea to score even more points!


DesignerBiggest Little Games
Average Rating (1)
Publish DateJanuary 07, 2017
DepartmentCard Games
Primary MechanicTrick-taking

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