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TRUNK is an interactive 4th Wall breaking short movie - Your real life skills and experiences play!




TRUNK - An interactive 4th Wall breaking short movie



TRUNK is a short crime and mystery movie which will allow you to make decisions to try to understand what has happened, as you wake up in a car trunk and struggle to remember.

Your real life experiences and skills will lock or unlock a few of the possible decisions you can make. We strongly suggest you play an HONEST first round, and then, explore all the alternative paths to fully unveil the mystery.

INSTRUCTIONS 1. SCAN THE QR CODE on the poster side of the card 2. FLIP the card when required by the on screen instructions 3. SCAN one of the on screen prompted codes from the back of the card

RECOMMENDATIONS - WE STRONGLY SUGGEST you cast the videos to your TV for a better experience, but you can perfectly play in phones or tablets. You can either cast your full phone screen, or (preferrably) cast Youtube as you scan the QRs for new segments - Play on a WELL LIT environment so QR scanning is easier - Use your fingers, fold the card or use pieces of paper, cards or other objects to cover the QR codes you DON'T HAVE TO SCAN. - Some scenes might be shocking and not suitable for children, viewer discretion is advised

We hope you enjoy this PILOT experience, and if well received, we'd love to shoot more professional, deep and lengthier productions!


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Publish Date July 16, 2023
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Why buy this?

  • A mystery/crime short movie packed in one single poker card
  • Make decisions and take different paths to investigate
  • Your real life experiences & skills will limit your choices!


  • This game does not come in a box.


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